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Welcome To The Berkshires

Berkshire County in western Massachusetts is one of the premier vacation destinations in the country. Attractions include Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival, and the Norman Rockwell museum. A hot air balloon is a unique way to enjoy the beauty of our hills at any time of year, and especially during the fall foliage season.


About Us

Our Company is located in Lee, Massachusetts “the Gateway to the Berkshires”.

Pilot Tim Taylor and his wife Linda offer exclusive champagne balloon flights for couples over the beautiful Berkshire hills. We began in ballooning as crew for other balloonists and had so much fun that we got our own balloon. Balloons are FAA registered aircraft, with rigorous testing required before earning pilot certification from the Federal government. Unlike other commercial flying, each flight is designed according to the prevailing winds and no two are alike.

The Balloon Adventure

Flying in a balloon is like no other experience. We fly either soon after dawn or in the two hours before sunset. There is no breeze because the balloon is moving with the wind. At the end of the flight, tradition calls for a bottle of champagne (or non-alcoholic sparkling cider) which is accompanied with light refreshments. A great way to start the day, or finish a day full of activities before dinner.

Each flight is unique - we go with the wind


By tradition each flight is toasted with champagne after landing

We are fully insured